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John Bradley Masterclasses
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Expand Your Painting Skills and Gain the Skills and Courage to Experience Creative Joy!!

  • Follow John as he breaks the painting process into easy to follow chunks. Some sections are run in fast forward so you can follow them easily and then rewind and play in slow speed if you need to see even more detail
  • He will show what brushes, knives and other tools he uses to create different effects in different areas of the painting
  • Every aspect of the scene is covered.
  • You will see brushwork up close to see how John creates specific details in each particular scene.
  • Watch as John builds up the painting from the background to the final touches
  • Finally he will explain how he brings the completed landscape to life by adding highlights and shadows and other special effects.

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Join John Bradley in his studio for an over the shoulder Masterclass as he completes SEVEN detailed paintings with commentary.
In each Masterclass JB takes you through the entire creation process including a detailed discussion of the drawing.

Expand you painting skills from one of Australia’s most published artists! 40 years professional experience as an artist and 15 years as a professional art teacher.

Painting In Oils or Acrylics

In each Masterclass John will demonstrate and explain particular skills and techniques.
Such as:

  • Learn simple but effective techniques for painting all the features of the scene.
  • Learn how to use complementary opposite colours to enhance highlights
  • Learn how to soften and control the intensity of colour to portray distance and create realistic features
  • Increase your understanding on how the sun’s light impacts the scene eg light shimmering on water and leaves
  • Increase your skills in painting in general
  • Learn how to combine knife and brush work for added interest on features such as tree trunks and rocks
  • Learn how to limit your colour palette to keep your painting cohesive.
  • Increase your understanding of composition and perspective
  • Learn how finish off a painting with highlights and shadows.


John Bradley Masterclass Landscape in Oils

Painting the an Australian Landscape

John Bradley artist tutorial blue mountains

Painting the Blue Mountains

John Bradley how to paint the Night Scene

How to Paint Night Scene

John Bradley original Numbucca Sunrise

How to Paint Coastal Sunrise

How to paint a misty gum scene
Painting a Misty Gum Scene
John Bradley How to paint the colours of springHow to Paint the Colours of Spring
Painting-the-Light-and-Shadows-of-Brachina-Gorge-John-Bradley-MasterclassHow to Paint the Bacchina Gorge


Frequently Asked Questions

The only thing you need is an internet connection to stream the video or DVD player depending on your purchase.

The Streaming Masterclass is hosted on Vimeo and compressed to make it a reasonable size for streaming. You do not need to download any files so you can watch the tutorial on any device any time! The tutorial is suitable for viewing on your phone, tablet, laptop or any large TV screen.

The larger the screen the more detail you will be able to see.

Of course. If you have a technical issue we are only an email away.

You do not need any experience at all to enjoy the Masterclass.

Complete beginners will gain valuable insights into the process of completing an artwork and what materials to use.

More advanced or professional artists will benefit from watching John work up close as he paints and talks through the many skills, secret tips and techniques as he paints the many different parts of the scene.

Yes. The majority of the effects demonstrated in these Masterclasses can be achieved with oil and acrylic paint using a good flow medium..

There are many universal concepts of colour and composition as well as general techniques and brush choices that are covered.

Yes. This is a wonderful way to learn and we encourage you to watch on your laptop or larger screen TV so you can paint along and see the detail. The idea with the video is that you can pause or replay it as many times as you need to fully understand a technique or concept. You can also play the video in slow motion if this helps you pick up brush details.

Once you watch the video Masterclass we hope you are inspired to branch out and add in your own unique details. We would really encourage you to create your own scene using the tips and techniques that John discloses or shows you.

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