Journey Through Time – The Art of John Bradley (Book)



170 pages

A Journey Through Time showcases the work of artist John Bradley, while covering a wide range of subject matter and themes based on Australian life.

Spanning a 15-year painting period, the book is divided into five chapters, each illustrating life, events and places of individual and national significance.

The first three chapters show occupations and activities from a bygone era; several feature nostalgic scenes many of us might recall from our childhood. Others show the days of early exploration, or events that marked Australia’s steps towards Nationhood. The final two chapters pay homage to our unique landscapes and coastline.

A Journey Through Time us not just an historical journey, but a personal journey by the artist, giving a retrospective view of the country and his art.




A Journey Through Time is a selection of gentle and evocative paintings of Australia from early Colonial times through to the present.

Acclaimed artist John Bradley takes the viewer on a visual journey through time and place, effortlessly capturing the spirit of a bygone era – a time when, despite hardships, a sense of community prevailed, a daily interaction through routine tasks helping underpin the fabric of society.

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